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Qingpu World Foreign Language Kindergarten is the first kindergarten established by WFL Education Service Development Co., Ltd., an affiliate of the JuneYao Group. We plan to set up a total of sixteen classes, eight of which were already set up the first year.

Each class is equipped with a professional foreign teacher, a professional English teacher, and an early childhood teacher, who all work together with the children 8 hours a day. In addition, we also have professional dancing, psychology, art and reading teachers.

Teachers majoring in early childhood education all hold a college degree and passed CET-4/6; over 63% of professional English teachers hold a Master’s degree and 63% of them passed TEM8; 63% of homeroom teachers have over 3 years of teaching experience, among which approximately 40% are “backbone teachers”, 12% are fresh graduates, and 15% are overseas returnees. Up to 80% of our foreign teachers have early childhood teaching experience; all of them have teaching experience; and all come from English-speaking countries.

Our faculty team consists of well-educated, high-quality, enthusiastic and dynamic professionals with strong teaching skills, who are also fast-learning, innovative, and reflective.

Faculty Team

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Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language Kindergarten

Address: 639 Panwen Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai.

Zip Code: 201702

Telephone: 86-21-39886958 / 39886959

E-mail: qpwflk@wfl-ischool.cn

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