We firmly believe that;

Every single life is noble;

Every single life is harmonious;

Every single life is unique.

Education helps children

To be true, kind and beautiful;

To become a better self.

We endeavor to bring happiness to our teachers, our students and their families.

At WFLK, we gather all the beautiful things. Children, family and teachers from different background meet here, and hopefully we can all “find ourselves, discover who we are, and accomplish ourselves….”

We love you without any hesitation. Everything is prepared for our children…

WFLK Principal

Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language Kindergarten

Address: 639 Panwen Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai.

Zip Code: 201702

Telephone: 86-21-39886958 / 39886959

E-mail: qpwflk@wfl-ischool.cn

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WeChat Official Account:青浦世幼

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