Admission Q&A

Q1About the interview process?

Students will have an interview in Shanghai Kangjian Primary School. (No.2 Baihua Rd,near South Hongcao Rd) They will be divided into different groups at random and have interviews in different recreation rooms. We will focus on their comprehensive ability, habits and some other aspects.

Q2: About the class size and the tuition fee?

Small-class teaching. Each class has 30 students. 90 students will be admitted for the fall 2017 term.

Tuition fee for one semester is 30000 which is approved by the price control department.

Q3: When will the middle school and the high school start to enroll students

The middle school will start to enroll students in 2018 but the time of the high school hasn’t been decided.

Q4: Is there any limitation of the admission and how to sign up?

90 students will be admitted for the fall 2017 term. We need students with Shanghai residency or international students including students from foreign countries, Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao.

They should be born from September 1st, 2010 to August 31st, 2011.

QWFLS only accepts students who have chosen QWFLS as a first choice or WFLPS as a first choice, QWFLS as a second choice.

April 24th to 26th, Parents can browse the webwww.shrxbm.cnto fill applications. Parents will receive a text message and then take children come to have an interview. Accepted students will receive their letters before May 12th.

Q5: Will regional advantage be taken into consideration?

We focus on students’ performance. Regional advantage will be appropriately considered.

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