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  • World Foreign Language (WFL) Education Group

    The brand “World Foreign Language Education”, along with its schools and companies, are all affiliates and part of the education branch of JuneYao Group, which adopts air transport, financial services, modern consumption, educational services and scientific innovations as five main businesses.

    Shanghai World Foreign Language Education (hereby known as WFL Education) is the parent company of a network of World Foreign Language Schools, and the sole representative of the corporation’s education ventures and the WFL brand. It is headed by the Chairman of JuneYao Group, Mr. Wang Junjin, while the President position is held by former Deputy Director of Xuhui Education Bureau and former Principal of Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School, Mr. Xu Jian.

  • Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language Kindergarten (WFLK)

    Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language Kindergarten (WFLK) is a private school established by Shanghai World Foreign Language (WFL) Education Service Development Co., Ltd., an affiliate of the JuneYao Group. It belongs to the same Education Group with Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, Qingpu, Jiading, Jinshan and Baoshan World Foreign Language School, as well as Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Hefei World Foreign Language School, etc. WFLK is the first kindergarten affiliated to WFL Education Group.

    Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School offers 16-year consecutive education, including kindergarten (4 years), primary school (5 years), middle school (4 years) and high school (3 years). Located at the intersection of Songze Elevated Road and Panlong Road, WFLK covers an area of 6000㎡ and outdoor playing area of 3000㎡. WFLK was established in September 2017 and has 16 classes.

    Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language Kindergarten is a candidate school for the PYP. This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy- a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education- that we believe is important for our students.

    WFLK aims to cultivate little Chinese citizens with a global perspective, who are “rooted in China”, with “eyes on the world”, and who have self-respect, confidence, self-discipline, independence. We offer a child-centered, integrated PYP inquiry program derived from six transdisciplinary themes as well as six subject areas. Each class is equipped with a professional foreign teacher, a professional English teacher, and an early childhood teacher, who all work together with the children 8 hours a day. We fully implement a Chinese and English bilingual program, in an effort to provide children with an authentic bilingual immersion environment. We offer featured courses such as art, pottery, reading, cooking, sand play, music, dancing, PE, science and drama education. We have also added nature education courses, weather station, mini farm, and community service, etc., with an aim to provide children with well-rounded and multicultural nourishment, so that they can liberate their natural talents, exhibit their personality, open their minds in a natural, free, independent and comfortable environment.

    “Everlasting dream. Long-term persistence.” We sincerely welcome distinguished early childhood educators, English educators, and professionals who are passionate about early childhood education nationwide to join us.



  • 8:00~8:30Arrival & Morning Snack
  • 8:30~11:35Chinese & English Bilingual Activities
  • 9:50Outdoor Activities
  • 10:10 UOI (Unit of Inquiry)
  • 11:35~12:50Lunch & Nap Time
  • 13:00~15:30Afternoon Snack & Activities
  • 13:55~14:05Outdoor Activities
  • 15:30Dismissal


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Admissions Guidelines

Contact Us:

021-39886958 Ext. 8001


Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language Kindergarten

Address: 639 Panwen Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai.

Zip Code: 201702

Telephone: 86-21-39886958 / 39886959

E-mail: qpwflk@wfl-ischool.cn

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WeChat Official Account:青浦世幼


  • 上海市世界外国语小学成立 1993
  • 1996 上海市世界外国语中学成立
  • 上海市世界外国语小学创办境外部 2000
  • 2005 上海市世界外国语小学、上海市
  • 上海市世界外国语中学获得
  • 2007 上海市世界外国语小学获得
  • 上海市世界外国语中学获得
  • 2013 杭州上海世界外国语小学成立
  • 杭州世外外籍人员子女学校成立 2015
  • 2016 上海青浦区世界外国语学校成立
  • 上海青浦区世界外国语幼儿园成立

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